Jazz and Far Beyond

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R.I.P. デイヴィッド・サンボーンGUEST COLUMNNo. 315

RIP David Sanborn by Marc Myers
追悼 デイヴィッド・サンボーン by マーク・マイヤース

text by Marc Myers マーク・マイヤース

David Sanborn (1945-2024), an alto saxophonist whose high-strung sound and edgy delivery turned the instrument into the reed equivalent of a rock guitar, died on May 12. He was 78. Three of my favorite tracks that included David’s horn…

まずは、Stevie Wonderの <Tuesday Heartbreak>から;

続いて、David Bowieの『David Live』から <Suffragette City> ;

最後は、Steely Danの <Time Out of Mind>でどうだ;

Reprinted with the permission by Marc Myers/JazzWax.
JazzWax: https://www.jazzwax.com

Marc Myers
Marc Myers writes regularly for The Wall Street Journal and is author of “Anatomy of 55 More Songs,” “Anatomy of a Song,” “Rock Concert: An Oral History” and “Why Jazz Happened.” Founded in 2007, JazzWax has won three Jazz Journalists Association awards.

『ウォール・ストリート・ジャーナル』寄稿家。著書に、『Anatomy of 55 More Songs』、『Anatomy of a Song』、『Rock Concert: An Oral History』、『Why Jazz Happened』。2007年、ブログ『JazzWax』創刊、Jazz Journalists Association(全米ジャズ・ジャーナリスト協会)から3度受賞。


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