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No. 219R.I.P. ジェレミー・スタイグ

Flute Fever

The flute community suffered a profound loss with the passing of Jeremy Steig.

In the jazz idiom, technique is often secondary to concept and, perhaps more importantly, technique is secondary to those rare elements of conviction and commitment that characterize – and distinguish – truly great improvisors.

Jeremy’s playing was firmly grounded on those principles, quite as it had to be because at the age of 19, he was involved in a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed on one side of his face. Jeremy responded to his circumstance by fashioning a “crutch” for his mouth, making him, of necessity, a rather unorthodox technician – yet, despite this technical limitation, Jeremy displayed enormous conviction and commitment in his playing.

This is very evident in Jeremy’s staggering debut recording, Flute Fever (released in 1963 on Columbia records). Jeremy quite literally fulminates on this session, conveying a deluge of ideas with a riotous sense of swing that would be the envy of any instrumentalist. On one track in particular – Sonny Rollins’, “Oleo” – Jeremy morphs into what can only be described as a wild and untamed thing, delivering the best jazz flute solo I have EVER heard – and likely that I will ever hear. Indeed, more than 50 years later, I still listen to this track, closely.

And I tell all my students, if they listen to just one solo by a jazz flute player, then make it Jeremy Steig’s version of “Oleo” – and learn from it, glean from it, take something from it – because the spirit of this irrepressible performance was a gift to all of us of one of the greatest jazz flute solos of all time (…and it will continue to be…)

Bill McBirnie is an award-winning Canadian jazz and Latin flute specialist. He studied with renowned flutists, Samuel Baron, Robert Aitken and charanga legend, Richard Egües. He was also solicited, personally, to serves as the resident Jazz Flute Specialist at Sir James Galway’s website. You can find more about Bill at ww.extremeflute.com

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この事実は、あのジェレミーの衝撃的なデビュー・アルバム『フルート・フィーヴァー』(1963, Columbia) にすでに明白である。このセッションで彼は文字通り炎のように燃え上がり、器楽奏者の怨嗟の的になるようなスイングの化身となり奔流のようにアイディアを溢れ出させている。とくに顕著なのがソニー・ロリンズの<オレオ>での演奏で、ジェレミーはワイルドな野生動物と化し、私にとって空前絶後の素晴らしいフルート・ソロを展開しているのだ。事実、50年経った今でもこの曲を身近に聴き続けている自分がいる。


Bill McBirnie ビル・マクバーニー


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