Jazz and Far Beyond

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No. 241R.I.P. セシル・テイラー

RIP セシル・テイラー by カーラ・ブレイ

text: Carla Bley カーラ・ブレイ

I wish I had made a point of seeing Cecil during the last few years and I’m sorry that I didn’t see him and now it’s too late. Here’s a funny story:

Sometime during the eighties I went to hear Gil Evans’ band at the Village Vanguard. The tables in the main part of the room were all full of paying customers, with musicians (as usual) sitting along the wall along one side or squeezed into the area next to the bar. I ended up sitting next to Cecil in a corner of the oddly-shaped room where it was possible to hear the music but not see the stage. At one point I heard a trumpet solo that I really liked and I asked Cecil who he thought the player was. He offered to get up and look around the corner to see. When he came back he said, “There are three trumpet players; one is black, one is Asian, and one is white.” He paused and smirked. “The one you like is the white one.”

What a great put-down. I had to laugh. And I still laugh every time I tell that story. (By the way, that trumpet player was Lou Soloff and soon I hired him to be in my band.)






1936年 カリフォルニア州オークランドの生まれ。独学でピアノ、作編曲を学ぶ。1957年ポール・ブレイとの結婚により才能が開花、多くの楽曲を書き下ろす。1966年、マイケル/マントラーとJazz Composer’s Orchestra Association設立。1970年、チャーリー・ヘイデンとLiberation Music Orchestra立ち上げ。1972年、マントラーとWATTレーベル設立、現在はパートナーのスティーヴ・スワロウと共にECMと協調関係にある。



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