Perry Robinson by Joey Baron

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text by Joey Baron ジョーイ・バロン

perry and i met thru the nyc music scene , however our relationship was centered around the art of slight of hand magic. he was a life long student and an excellent teacher. extremely knowledgeable, and always eager to share, as on the instances when we coincidentally were on the same trans atlantic flights. those 7-8 hour flights seemed like 45 minutes as we spent the whole flight in the back of the plane doing magic like 2 little kids sharing presents.
perry robinson was simply a delight . anyone who was lucky enought to have known him would do good to never miss an opportunity to spread the sense of wonder,openess,respect, and generosity that was at the heart of his spirit.  joey baron

ペリー・ロビンソンのこと  ジョーイ・バロン


Joey Baron ジョーイ・バロン