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text by Ed Schuller エド・シュラー

(Ed Schuller 12/18/2018)

My man Perry

A High Meist was he

He left the planet
But I still hear him, see

A Meistro of the magical
And all things cosmical

An especially gentle soul
Playing an optimistic role

We miss him
We love him
Be hard to live without him

But his music lives on
In the Unisphere
So there is nothin’ to fear
Cuz it’s all pretty clear

He’s been Called to the Stars
At Warp Factor Nine
And The Traveller knows
That it’ll turn out just fine

Un poco de
It’s the only way
What can I say
It’s a truly sad day

But Home is where the heart is
Angeology is the key

Farmer Alfalfa
Buzzing at the Bow
The Meist would say:
Just go with the flow

Peace and Music

Love and Grace

He’d make the case
That maybe “Space is the Place”

Rest in Peace
Maestro Robinson

Amen to you
In all that you do

A-Salaam Alaikum
Wa-Alaikum A Salaam

Shukran my friend

Though it’s not the end

I’ll catch you then
Around the bend

So long my friend
I’ll see you then

Ed Schuller エド・シュラー
1955年、作曲家、ホーン奏者ガンサー・シュラーの長男としてNYに生まれる。ニューイングランド音楽院卒。15歳でプロ・デビュー後、多方面で活躍。チャールス・ミンガスの『Epitaph』(1990) 始め多くの録音に参加。ペリー・ロビンソンとは『Anat Fort/A Long Story』(ECM1994)他で共演。