#11 『Flin van Hemmen / Casting Spells And The Coves』

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text by Masanori Tada 多田雅範

Neither/Nor Records 2019

Todd Neufeld – acoustic guitar
Eivind Opsvik – double bass, glockenspiel
Flin van Hemmen – piano, farfisa, percussion

1.Lusores 02:25 /2.The Weather Meadows I 02:08 /3.Strange Attractors 01:38/4.St Jozef (for Olle) 02:12/5.Ecumenical 06:34/6.Stilleven 11:17/7.What’s Lurking in Your Systems 02:11/8.Clouds Are Not Spheres 01:25/9.Linedancing 04:37/10.My Echo 01:12/11.The Weather Meadows II 07:12/12.Where’s the Theatre 01:38/13.Paradise Cove 09:45/14.Now You Hear It, Now You Don’t 03:03/15.Baai 03:42/
16.Casting Spells 03:12/17.Waving 01:59/18.The Magic Show 02:40/19.Parameters 02:14/20.The Womb 04:47/21.Vagaries 06:48/22.Come On Man, It’s Harvest Time! 02:47

Recorded by Joe Branciforte at Todd and Rema’s home, Brooklyn, NY on April 27, 2017. Mixed by Flin van Hemmen. Mastered by Joe Branciforte. All music by Flin van Hemmen. Casting Spells cover photo by unknown, The Coves cover photo and dogs photo by Ben Gerstein. Design by Carlo Costa.

フリン・ヴァン・ヘメンの前作『Mu’u』(2017年)は Jazz Tokyo でクロス・レビューをしている、多田、益子博之、細田成嗣が参加した、







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