#1436 『Yordan Markov Bulgaria Quintet / Iztok』

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text by 伏谷佳代 Kayo Fushiya

JavaLa-Yeah (2017)

ヨルダン・マルコフ ブルガリア五重奏団 Yordan Markov Bulgaria Quintet:

ヨルダン・マルコフ (ガドゥルカ) Yordan Markov (Gadulka)
佐藤芳明 (アコーディオン) Sato Yoshiaki (Accordion)
大野慎矢 (ガイダ) Ohno Shin-ya (Gajida)
澤近立景 (ギター) Sawachika Takahiro (Guitar)
渡辺庸介 (パーカッション) Watanabe Yosuke (Percussion)

収録 Tracks
1. Maleshevsko Horo (Ai da idem Yano)
2. Iztok
3. I thought about Kopanista
4. Pajdushko Horo
5. Hinode/日の出
6. Meiro/迷路
7. Dunav
8. Jig at 3.a.m. /午前3時のJig
9. Ghost
10. Sinya Planina/青い山

Total time: 47: 23

Composed by Yordan Markov (5,6,7), Sato Yoshiaki (2,3,8), Ohno Shin-ya (4, 10), and Sawachika Takahiro (9): track (1) is Bulgarian trad.
Recorded@Orpheus on 18,19, 20 April 2017, mixed@TEMAS
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Tanemura Naoto
Mastering Engineer: Shiba Akihiko
Photo: Okuda Yuji, Yoshida Yuka
Art Direction & Design: Ogura Ko (Graffic Factor)
Distributed by Ultra-Vybe,inc.
Manufactured by JavaLa-Yeah


It was at the beginning of the 2000s that I first listened to the music of Theodosii Spassov and others in Berlin under the heading “Music from the East.” Over ten years later, I was overwhelmed, when I heard the Yordan Markov Bulgaria Quintet in Tokyo; their performance was an extremely edgy delight, where East and West were no longer the point of issue. The word iztok means “east” in Bulgarian; Yordan Markov, widely known as a gadulka player, came to Japan, and while staying true to his roots, mellowed his style into a hybrid urban music of a type only born in Japan. Except track 1, all the pieces are penned by group’s members. For the other members gathering around Sato Yoshiaki, transcendent techniques are the minimum entry requirement. The direct hit of complicated irregular time and changing melodies reflecting the joys and sorrows of everyday life do not need any theory; the listener’s body being naturally enticed as if into a dance. Including rich improvised parts, a high level of completeness in which all the fragments precisely fit as true sounds is combined with a deep acceptance of every instrument; this is why their spontaneous live show is such fun. In the unique group makeup such as gadulka・gajida・accordion, percussion and guitar demonstrate intense power by rushing ahead with an originality that defies classification. Because of their dexterity, their performance at first hearing sounds smart; however, it is extraordinary that they sublimate each strong peculiarity to such an extent in the pursuit of a rounded entertainment. To say nothing of each musician’s individuality, performance, composing and arranging capabilities, the mediator Sato Yoshiaki’s keen insight into music excited my admiration yet again. We were treated to a glimpse of the pinnacle of ensemble playing. The recording is superb too, but I wholeheartedly recommend you to bodily feel the sense of groove in their live performance. (Kayo Fushiya)

*次回ライヴ・スケジュール/Upcoming live schedule:
9/5 (Tue)  ヨルダン・マルコフ ブルガリア四重奏団 feat.田島隆 (タンバリン) @神保町楽屋/Yordan Markov Bulgaria Quartet feat. Tajima Takashi (tambourine) @Rakuya Jinbo-cho
※渡辺庸介はこの回は不在/Watanabe Yosuke is absent at this live

10/11 (Wed) ヨルダン・マルコフ ブルガリア五重奏団 feat.伊藤志宏 (ピアノ) @サラヴァ東京/Yordan Markov Bulgaria Quintet feat. Ito Shikou (piano) @ Saravah Tokyo





伏谷佳代 (Kayo Fushiya) 1975年仙台市出身。早稲田大学卒業。幼少時よりクラシック音楽に親しみ、欧州滞在時 (ポルトガル・ドイツ・イタリア) に各地の音楽シーンに通暁。欧州ジャズとクラシックを中心にジャンルを超えて新譜・コンサート/ライヴ評、演奏会プログラムの執筆、翻訳などを手がける。


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