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CD/DVD DisksNo. 259

#1648 『Jeff Denson/ Romain Pilon/ Brian Blade : Between Two Worlds』

Text by Kayo Fushiya 伏谷佳代

Ridgeway Records

Jeff Denson (double bass)
Romain Pilon (guitar)
Brian Blade (drum set)

1. Sucré (7:30)
2. Song of a Solitary Crow (6:44)
3. En Trois Temps (6:15)
4. Génération (7:23)
5. Nostralgic Farewell (4:44)
6. Listen Up (6:28)
7. Madrid (5:36)
8. Lost and Found (6:03)
9. Between Two Worlds (6:19)
10. Azur (5:31)

Total time: 62:39

Composed by Jeff Denson (tracks 2,5,6,8 & 9; Jeffrey Denson publishing©ASCAP) and Romain Pilon (tracks 1,3,4,7 & 10; ©Sacem)
Produced & Arranged by Jeff Denson & Romain Pilon

Engineer: Gabriel Sheppard, 25th Street Recording in Oakland, CA (February 7 & 9, 2019)
Mixing Engineer: Adam Muñoz, Opus Studios in Berkeley, CA
Mastering: Ken Lee, Ken Lee Mastering (June 2019)



表題の”Between Two Worlds”は、ピロンとブレイドというふたつの偉大な才能に挟まれた自分のポジションのみならず、肉体が属する世界と「こころと知覚によってのみ感知できる強力なリアリティ」との狭間、も意味するという。「流れる」という音楽の根源的属性を押さえつつ、デンソンの溢れる叙情性は、常に未来を志向している。(*文中敬称略)

Based in San Francisco Bay Area, bassist Jeff Denson, who has also firmly established his position as educator, has formed a new trio. On guitar is Romain Pilon, a friend from Denson’s time at Berklee, and his longtime idol Brian Blade is on drums. Denson and Pilon bring five songs apiece to a potluck of compositions.

The trio doesn’t need an explosive sound. With their mastery of dialogue, they can spin as many stories as they like. Rather than showy buildups and climaxes, what is impressive are their highly intricate and subtle textures. Every single moment is perfection; you cannot keep your ears away. Throughout the music’s entirety, its charms follow one after another—interplay brimming with solid technique and chemistry, passionately conveying the tactile feeling of each instrument; a balance of volume honed to complement one another’s sound from the high-powered fingerpicking of the bass to the distinct notes of the archtop guitar and delicate elegance of the drums; mature melodies that acknowledge subtleties of emotion; and lasting solos that allow the players to unleash their talent. Refraining from shocking impact, an awakening draws near, piercing through like a rifle rather than a cannon. A heartbeat of respect quietly pulses between the three. At the core is leader Denson’s deep feeling, like the swaying of a great tree.

The title “Between Two Worlds” implicates, according to Denson, not only his position surrounded by two great musical talents; Pilon and Blade, but also in-between two realities, in which every musician hovers; one is physical reality, another is strong one that can only be found with the most open of ears, hearts, and minds. While holding onto the fundamental musical element of “flow,” Denson’s teeming lyricism is always oriented toward the future. (*honorifics omitted)

Blade-Denson-Pilon © Omid Zoufonoun





伏谷佳代 (Kayo Fushiya) 1975年仙台市出身。早稲田大学教育学部卒業。欧州に長期居住し(ポルトガル・ドイツ・イタリア)各地の音楽シーンに親しむ。欧州ジャズとクラシックを中心にジャンルを超えて新譜・コンサート/ライヴ評(月刊誌/Web媒体)、演奏会プログラムやライナーノーツの執筆・翻訳など多数。ギャラリスト。拠点は東京都。


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