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#1023 喜多直毅クァルテット 二日間連続公演『厳父』-沈黙と咆哮の音楽ドラマ-第一日/ Naoki Kita Quartette/two days consecutive concerts: Strict Father— A Music Drama of Silence and Roaring-1st day

2018年8月11日(土)東京渋谷・公園通りクラシックス 11th August, 2018(Sat)@ Tokyo Shibuya, Koendori Classics

Reported by Kayo Fushiya 伏谷佳代
Photos by Etsuko Yamamoto 山本悦子

喜多直毅クアルテット/Naoki Kita Quartette
喜多直毅/Naoki Kita (Music and Violin)
三枝伸太郎/Shintaro Mieda (Piano)
北村聡/Satoshi Kitamura (Bandoneon)
田辺和弘/Kazuhiro Tanabe (Contrabass)

1.月と星のシンフォニー Symphony of the Moon and Stars
2.さすらい人 The Wanderer
3.昭和 Showa
4.ふるさと My Hometown
5.轍 The Rut
6.悲愴 Pathetique


By listening to this quartette, we can all be convinced of the many benefits experience bestows upon a group of musicians. Their velvet smoothness enhances every performance, and the proportionally growing effect on the listener spreads to become a delightful shiver of goose bumps. A nostalgic hint is amplified many times by exquisite as well as dynamic composition and arrangements. A free flight of creativity stiches the blank spaces. These deceptively fragrant elements break into the territory of the listener’s heart and tear it with ruthless fervency. While exposing the characteristics of each instrument, melodies shift among them, occasionally carrying a weird breath of air like a shimmering heat haze (“Showa”, “My Hometown”), vividly and completely depicting the foreground and background of the music (“The Rut”). In spite of presenting a stable texture, the musicians constantly flee from blunt definitions. A gorgeous eccentricity and a bleak stillness; the music connecting both extremities balances both awe and passion. As cutting-edge of transborder music, just how far will this quartette keep ranging? We cannot take our eyes off them. (Kayo Fushiya)


喜多直穀クァルテット 次回公演予定/ Naoki Kita Quartette upcoming concerts:

10月22日(月)@西南学院大学 西南コミュニティセンター ホール
22nd October (Mon) @Seinan Gakuin University, Seinan Community Hall
6-2-92 Nishijin, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka
tel. 092-823-3952

10月27日(土)/28日(日)※2日連続公演 @東京渋谷・公園通りクラシックス
27th/28th October(Sat, Sun) Two days concerts@ Tokyo Shibuya Koendoeri Classics




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