Live Evil #43「下丸子Jazz倶楽部300回記念 Happy Birthday Concert 」

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#02 『伊藤志宏トリオ・シンクレティア/毒ある寓話』

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#1456『伊藤志宏トリオ・シンクレティア/毒ある寓話 Shikou Ito Trio Syncretia/Doku Aru Gūwa (A Poisonous Moral Tale)』

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伊藤志宏のピアノは美しい。音が違う。ジャズだのクラシックだのといったジャンルの分化以前に、「ピアノ弾き」たる者なら誰もが憧れずにはおれないが、到達できる者はごくわずかの天賦の領域。/ Shikou Ito’s piano is beautiful, the sound is simply different, and his lightning fast direct connection of brain and fingertips creates a dewdrop-like transparency. Before differentiating into the jazz or classical music genre, anyone who considers themselves a “pianist” has no choice but to admire this kind of playing, and acknowledge that only those belonging to a narrow realm of natural talent can attain such heights.

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