#2171 『Keiko Higuchi / Vertical Language』
『ヒグチケイコ / 垂直な言語』

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#1395『ヒグチケイコ+神田晋一郎/passing and longing and there is only a trace left 過ぎしも愛しもただ跡だけが残り』(2017:Ftarri)

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成熟が内包するスリルと、決して飼い慣らされぬ気高さ。移ろう一瞬が遺す残像の数々に絡めとられつつ、「うた」が志向する極北のエレガンスが味わえる。It is purely the thrill contained in maturity and an untamed noble dignity. Captured by the numerous residual images left by each fleeting moment, the listener can only enjoy the ultimate elegance that the “songs” and performers aspire to achieve.