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R.I.P. / 追悼R.I.P. ペリー・ロビンソンNo. 249

“This is only the beginning” by Anat Fort
”まだ始まったばかりだからね”” by アナト・フォート

text by Anat Fort

We had just finished playing the late set at the Knitting Factory. Everybody was so excited, still feeling the music in every part of their body and soul. Perry turned over to the band and with those ever-sparkly eyes said: “This was great. And this is only the beginning!”

Fall 2003 was a very important time in my life. I was getting ready to record my album “A Long Story”, and spent many hours thinking about the sound I wanted to have on that record.  I had already been working in trio setting with bassist Gary Wang and drummer Roland Schneider, and the format felt very natural to me. But on “A Long Story” I was going to have an opportunity to work with some of my idols, legendary drummer Paul Motian and incredible bassist Ed Schuller. And I felt it required something else. Something more.

I was already a huge fan of Perry Robinson’s playing when I moved to New York, in the mid- 90’s. Around that time, I started playing with drummer Lou Grassi, and I knew Lou and Perry had played a lot together. One day I asked Lou to see if Perry would agree to play a session with us. The next day I got a call from Lou: “We have a session scheduled with Perry, he would love to play”. I was so excited!

We had a great time playing together from the very first note. Since the session Lou had set up, I was lucky to share the stage with Perry on many occasions and for years to come, from playing completely free improvised sets in duo format to collaborating in much larger ensemble combinations, in and around the US and Europe.

So when it came time to record my new project with Ed Schuller and Paul Motian, I naturally thought of Perry. When I called him up, it was his turn to get excited. Since Paul would not rehearse, we all met in the studio. To witness Paul and Perry’s meeting in the studio was a riot. They haven’t seen each other in about 20 years and they just couldn’t contain the excitement, sharing so many stories with one another and with the rest of us.  At some point I had to stop them since they clock was ticking, we only had one day with Perry in the studio…but the excitement spilled over to the music. Perry played amazingly well as usual and that recording gained us so much recognition and accolades we were invited to travel and perform much together in the coming years.

Hearing of Perry’s passing left me sad but surprisingly light about it. Getting to know him was a special treat from the universe: a meeting with one of the most kind, creative, free-flowing and brilliant players and human beings I’ve ever known. From the first time I played with him and till the last, he never missed an opportunity to share his most authentic approach to living and playing music by treating every experience, every moment as the potential beginning for something new. Maybe his life on this earth is now over as we see it, but “This is only the beginning”!

From “A Long Story” (ECM1994) session : Courtesy of ECM

“まだ始まったばかりだから” by アナト・フォート


2003年の秋は私の人生でとても重要な時期だった。アルバム『A Long Story』の準備に取り掛かっていた私はどんな音楽を描こうかと長い時間をかけて思いを巡らせていた。ベースのゲイリー・ウォン、ドラマーのローランド・シュナイダーとはトリオで演奏を重ね、このフォーマットをとてもしっくり感じていたのだが、『A Long Story』では伝説のドラマー、ポール・モチアンや驚異的なベーシスト、エド・シュラーなど私の憧れの存在たちと共演することも考え始めていた。同時に何か別のもの、それ以上の何かにも考えが及んでいた。





Anat Fort アナト・フォート
クラシックから伝統音楽を経て10代遅くにジャズに開眼。NJのウィリアム・パターソン大学やポール・ブレイについて学ぶ。2007年のECMデビュー作『A Long Story』で成功を収め、さらに2作を制作。現在はイスラエルで作曲の学位をとるべく勉学中。


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