Steve Swallow / スティーヴ・スワロウ

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Paul Bley’s mind was as lively as any I’ve known, forever taking everything apart, sometimes putting the pieces back together, sometimes not. He loved unexpected events, musical and otherwise, and despised predictability. I fondly remember him extrapolating on phrases by Bach, following a chain of imitation until he was convulsed in laughter. Nobody could hold forth longer about anything whatsoever than Paul, nor was anyone so convincing. He loved the twists logic took, left to its own devices, and played piano to uncover the startling and unpredictable implications in any simple statement. A metaphor by the Austrian writer Robert Musil describes Paul: he was a train which laid its own tracks before it as it moved forward. What’s hard for me to wrap my mind around is that the train has stopped.
Steve Swallow (bass)


Steve Swallow / スティーヴ・スワロウ