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R.I.P. 橋本孝之No. 278

R.I.P. Takayuki Hashimoto by Florian Walter
追悼 橋本孝之 by フローリアン・ヴァルター

Text by Florian Walter フローリアン・ヴァルター

Great spirits leaving earth is always a tragedy, but to hear about the way too early passing of Takayuki Hashimoto left me in deep grief since then. To me he was such an archetypal artists in the very meaning of the word, and such an outstanding and yet integral part of the Japanese scene. Furthermore, in a way he was my personal reference point when I first visited Japan: Our mutual friend Rieko Okuda introduced dot.es to me when I told her about my initial tour to Tokyo and Osaka. I called Takayuki right away and was overwhelmed by his openness, kindness and hospitality. Even more I was overwhelmed to find such an incredible energetic player, when we first shared stage. There is this saying „he blew everyone away“, but in his case it is more than true. His attitude, pure power, expressivity, yet subtly shattered emotionality and first of all: purity on stage remain unmatched to me. And at the same time it matches in a special way with his beautiful character, more as a counterpoint maybe, as I encountered him as a calm, centered, wise unpretentious and incredibly altruistic human being, one of the kind that makes this world a better place for everyone.

I will keep the memories of many concerts that left me speechless… I mean, literally – to keep up with Takayuki required such a force in pushing the saxophone, after the gig my vocal chords were worn off more than once! Until this day I ask myself how he could hold up the power for so long while still looking like the coolest cat around and walking off stage in the end like it was just nothing.

There is too much to praise about his music and performance than I can put into these few lines. But the most important thing I want to express is how grateful and honored I feel for being able to share a bit of our time together on stage, at the bar, listening to music or walking the streets of Roppongi. Takayuki probably taught me more than I know by now, and that is a lot already.

The art world lost a giant in disguise, but his spirit will live on for sure.





フローリアン・ヴァルター Florian Walter



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