Jazz and Far Beyond


Concerts/Live ShowsNo. 245

#1024 ネルソン・フレイレ ピアノリサイタル/Nelson Freire Piano Recital

ものごとの本質に最短で肉迫する手段の多様さ、その蓄積と人生における醸成。芸術家の格ここに極まれり—フレイレの存在はそれを如実に物語る/ The diverse techniques closing in on the very essence in the shortest time; their accumulation and gradual development in his life. The extreme status of an artist is revealed here – nothing truly shows it more than the presence of Freire.

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Concerts/Live ShowsNo. 235

#981『メナヘム・プレスラー ピアノリサイタル/Menahem Pressler Piano Recital』

ピアニシモになればなるほど美しく、威力は増す。どんな微細なニュアンスも聴き逃すまい、と観客の耳は吸い寄せられる。/ The more pianissimo, the stronger the power. The audiences’ ears were irresistibly drawn toward so as not to miss any single nuance, however subtle.

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